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You've been going through some old boxes and discover some old record albums, cassettes, or reel-to-reel tape. You no longer have any equipment to play it. You would really like to have it transferred to CD.

You've come to the right place! TDS has been in business for 37 years. We worked with these formats when they were the most current form of recording on the market for their day. We have the original equipment and the expertise to transform your old formats to CD.

REMEMBER: CD's have a maximum storage capacity of 80-min. If your analog source is longer, it will require 2 or more master CDs.


Here's how we create your CD:

1) We capture your analog master into the computer in real-time [real-time means it takes 30 minutes to transfer a 30-minute master]

2) We clean up the start and end. We adjust for clipping. We apply noise reduction if necessary. Then we normalize it. [normalization means the levels are proportionally raised to achieve the loudest it can be on a CD master without distorting. This process allows each song to be consistent in volume]
3) We then create a Master CD [ready for duplication].



$29.95*/hour, if your master is:

  • Audio Cassette
  • Record Album
  • MiniDisk
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)


$45*/hour (1/2-hour min.), if your master is:

Reel-to-Reel tape


$90*/hour (1/2 hour minimum), if your master is:

Wire Recorder

COST TO CREATE YOUR CD MASTER  - $10.00      Extra copies: $2.30  (includes disc, B/W label, duplication, and box)

Sample of job: 
  > You bring in record album, approx 30-min. long.
  > Cost to transfer material into computer:  $29.95
  > You decide to have us (optionally) create each song as an individual track:  $15.00
> We create you a CD Master from edited material:  $10.00

 Total Cost $54.95 + sales tax (if applicable)


*Note: With a CD, you simple push a skip track button to access the next song. Unlike CDs, old analog formats such as cassette, reel, or wire recorder do not have track IDs. Songs just run one after another. You need to fast-forward or rewind the tape to find a specific song.

The transfer cost above provide CD Masters exactly the way the original is, i.e. without track ID's. For an additional $15.00, TDS can transfer the material to the computer first, separate each song out as an individual track, and assign a track ID number to it. Finally, we create the CD master.