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Preserve your priceless family memories!

Transfer all your old bulky home videos onto neat and tidy DVD's!

Now's the time to sort out all your old home video tapes and get them transferred onto neat and tidy DVD's to enjoy now and forever. Remember old video tapes fade over time. Using only secure couriers, we will create professional DVD's of your precious memories. So clear out your tapes, drop them into us and clear out the clutter of your bulky old tapes.

Q: How do you create a DVD from my master/s?
A:  We transfer (real-time) your content into the computer. We clean it up (minor editing). Finally, we create and burn a final master..

Q:  How much will I pay? 
Transfer time (billed at per hour) + $10.00 to create DVD master.

Consumer/Prosumer video tape:  $29.95 per hour transfer time* + $10 DVD master charge.




Professional video tape:  $49.95 per hour transfer time* + $10 DVD master charge.



Note: DVDs are created with a simple text based Menu. digitalTDS can provide you a DVD with a graphical interface and navigation buttons. Contact us for price quote.

* charge based on time per tape, minimum charge 1-hour