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You have finished recording your master at the studio and the engineer has handed you a copy of all the songs. Now what? Before it is sent off for duplication, it should be mastered.



What is mastering? 

Songs are usually recorded over a period of days, weeks, or months. They were recorded with different volume levels, different EQ, maybe even on different equipment. More than likely, you've listened to songs a million times and your ears are burned out. A mastering engineer provides fresh unbiased ears.

Mastering involves an engineer optimizing each song with correct volume, EQ, and compression so that each track has a consistent sound. A skillful engineer can create a master that is hot as it can be while still maintaining all the clarity, nuance, and transient highs you expect your project to have.

The next time you finish your sessions at the recording studio, bring the master over to TDS. We turn the ordinary into extraordinary!

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