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Three charges apply:

1) 20-cents per foot for film transfer fee to digital video tape.
2) Digital Video Tape: $6.50 for a 63-min tape or $8.50 for an 83-min tape
3) Fee to create the DVD from the digital tape. $29.95 (up to 2-hours)


filmsizeSample Job:
Customer provides (4) 5-inch reels.

To determine how many minutes:
(4) 5" reels @ 200-ft each. 4 x 5 = 800-ft.
800' divided by 50' (3-min) = 16 (3-inch reels).
Each 3-inch reel is 3 min. 16 x 3 = 48-min. of film

Customer pays:

4 x 200' = 800-ft. of film x 20 cents/ft = $160.00
(1) 63-min Digital tape = $6.50
Create DVD master = $29.95

Total Cost: $196.45 + tax (if applicable) + freight
   (if applicable)

Minimum Charge: $25.00

Additional Info:

Repairs: broken sprocket holes, damaged or torn film, etc.: $1.50 per repair
* Surcharge for film with sound:   $0.25/ft
* Extra Copies of DVD: $3.30 each (includes disc, duplication, label, and box)
* Music (from your audio CDs or from our extensive music library): .25 cents per minute
Editing: We can provide editing for the film prior to making a DVD master. Standard studio editing rates apply.

Questions & Answers

Why should I transfer my old film as soon as possible?
Film is very fragile. Film deteriorates over time. We've seen film that actually disintegrates into dust before our eyes. We've also seen film that has deteriorated into a jelly-like substance. If that happens to your film, you can never recover those lost memories.

Don't risk the chance of a part of your family's history being lost forever. Let us transfer your film for you.

What do you need from me to get started?
1) If you want your film in a specific order, number each reel from 1 to xx.
2) Fill out our Film submission form and include it with your order (mailing address on form).

Why would I choose anyone else to do my transfer work?
We don't know why digitalTDS is your best choice.