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CD Replication

This is a manufacturing process that essentially replicates or “clones” the original master. First, a “glass master” is created from the original. Then a set of molds, or “stampers,” are made from the master. Stampers act as a blueprint for the replication process; they are mounted into an injection-mold machine, where a replica of the mold is created in the form of a 120-mm plastic disc.

The formed disc is then coated with a micro-thin reflective layer of aluminum. Finally, the disc is coated with a protective lacquer that is first spun onto the disc, then hardened by ultraviolet light. Because replication is complicated, it’s typically considered only for large runs of at least 1,000 copies. At those volumes, replication produces the lowest per-disk cost and offers the highest possible readability levels. In fact, all commercially distributed entertainment and software CDs and DVDs are produced using replication.





PACKAGE Price includes: replicated audio or CD-Rom disc, 4/1 or 4/4 Color Insert page, 3-color silkscreen on disc, jewel case, poly wrap, and assembly. Art proofs sent by email. 10-day turn. Prices do not include shipping.


All orders subject to 5% under or over run. Turn times quoted are production days from time of proof approval and do not include pre-approval handling and processing.


Artwork: Price based on customer-provided artwork. Download templates from our website. Complete details of what to send us and how to prepare your artwork is on our website.