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Your Next Generation Technology!

We custom-build these CD/DVD duplicators using only the best components at an unbeatable price.

From single target to the industry leading 11 target, the Manna Duplicator Series includes all the professional features in a user-friendly package.

CD/DVD Duplicators

1 to 1 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $299.00
1 to 3 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $385.00
1 to 4 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $400.00
1 to 5 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $419.00
1 to 6 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $439.00
1 to 7 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $449.00
1 to 8 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $519.00
1 to 9 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $539.00
1 to 10 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $549.00
1 to 11 CD / DVD Duplicator Single and Double Layer
Built in ASUS 24x SATA DVD +/- RW  $570.00


One of the key components of the duplication system is controller. The Professional Sata CD/DVD Controller is well-known for its reliability, durability and compatibility within the CD/DVD duplication world.

The Professional Sata controllers are professionally designed and manufactured for up to 15 targets. This controller system is constructed using premium “DHP Technology.” It can create the hard drive partition to the size of each master disc image. Thus, all the hard drive space can be fully utilized. This full feature controller is an ideal selection for the reliable high performance duplicators in today’s market.

Professional Sata Series duplicator is well known for its stability and high performance. It offers a simple solution for users to duplicate data, audio, multimedia, and video content along with a very user-friendly interface.

CD duplicator / DVD duplicator / CD copier / DVD copier / CD replicator / DVD replicator are machine that allow you to make copies of CD or DVD or VCD. In general, a CD duplicator or DVD duplicator has three major components – controller, disc reader and disc writer. This is the new age for the duplication system for DVD, CD and VCD. Instead of having an expensive duplicating system for mass production of copies of DVD / CD / VCD, digitalTDS is now offering a low cost, high performance, and easy to operate DVD duplicator tower / CD duplicator tower / VCD duplicator tower for you. It is a brand new standalone plug and play duplication copy tower and is a perfect cost-effective way of duplicating or copying audio, data, and video applications. The standalone CD copier / DVD copier do not require any computer or software.

With our lines of DVD CD duplicator tower, users can copy their own DVD,CDs/VCDs easily and quickly by pressing a button. It is as easy as operating a paper copying machine. Simply put your Master CD into the Reader drive, blank CDs into the writer drives, and press the Start button, copies of DVD CDs/VCDs will be ready for you in several minutes ( 5-10 minutes for DVD) ( 2-3 minutes for CD).

With professional mechanism design and multi-function LCD panel, those DVD / CD duplicator towers are able to provide a flawless function in duplicating any format of compact disks with excellent accuracy. Besides, the controller comes with a test mode, which allows you to make sure the master is ok before running the actual duplicating process. This way, no blank DVD or CDs will be wasted due to the error in reading the source. This makes the system more cost effective and ideal for small offices, churches, music production companies, advertising companies and so on.

Drive Selection

Technology keeps changing as time goes by. The major components of the duplicators, controllers and drives are undergoing technology advancement as well. Adding new features for CD/DVD duplication, improving the copying speeds, expanding duplicators’ functions are what we are striking for. Due to the on-going changes, our technical team will pick the best brands of drives in the market (for example: Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, and so on) that will work the best with the duplicators’ controllers. Then, they will go through series of tests on the new products and go through performance analysis in order to identify the best combination of drives and controllers for our duplicators.




  • Product: 1 Target CD / DVD Duplicator with "Professional SATA DVD +/- R/RW"
  • Operating Type: Stand-alone System
  • Target: 1
  • Duplicator Controller : 1 to 1 SATA CD DVD Duplicator Controller Card
  • Reader:Asus SATA DVD-R
  • Writers: ASUS SATA Double Layer DVD±RW
  • Support CD Media Formats:

    (Mode 1) CD-ROM (Mode 2)CD-I & Photo CD CD-ROM/XA CD-DA(CD Audio) CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD(VCD) PhotoCD (single/multi-session) CD-MPEG, CD-PLUS CD-EXTRA, Hybird CD Business Card CD-R, 3" Mini CD-R

  • Support DVD Media Formats:

    DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW DVD+R DL, DVD-ROM, (DVD Video without protection code)

  • Writing Speed:

    .DVD-R 24x, 22x, 20x, 16x, 12x, 8x, 6x, 4x, 2x, 1x
    .DVD-RW 12x, 8x, 6x, 4x, 2x, 1x
    .DVD-R DL 6x, 4x, 2x
    .DVD+R 24x, 20x,12x, 8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x
    .DVD+RW 8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x
    .DVD+R DL 8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x
    .CD-R 48x, 40x, 32x, 24x, 16x, 10x, 8x, 4x, 2x
    .CD-RW 32x, 24x, 16x, 10x, 8x, 4x,2x

  • Writer Data Buffer (size) 2 MB
  • Burn Proof Technology


    1. Serial ATA (SATA) interface (faster transfer rate, more reliable error check)
    2. Duplicate up to 1 DVD or CD simultaneously
    3. Direct Disc to Disc (DVDs/CDs) duplication or Hard Disc (HDD) to Disc duplication (if hard drive installed)
    4. Self diagnostics when power on
    5. Upgradeable via firmware ensure you with Up-to-Date future technology
    6. User friendly interface with message on LCD display
    7. Test Mode to ensure media and master compatibility
    8. udio buzzer for alerts and completion indication
    9. Low current drives for continuos operation without overheating
    10. Clear LCD Display and User friendly interface
    11. Upgradable to future technology
    12. Auto format detection
    13. Self diagnostics when power on
    14. Support internal hard drive
    15. User friendly interface with message with LCD display
    16. Fast copies supports high speed DVD / CD-RW writing mode
    17. DVD format cross-over (DVD-R to +R OR DVD+R to -R )
    18. Fully tested & Updated all the firmware before ship out
    19. Easy operation without software and training are required
    20. Switchable Power supply supports 110V - 240V AC
    21. Selectable burning speeds
    22. Easy to use Password protection modes to prevent unauthorized usage
    23. Support Counter Function
    24. Master Error Proof
    25. Auto Start Strategy
    26. Auto Source Disc Analyzing
    27. Set Burn Speed
    28. Select Source
    29. Audio Track Edit
    30. Utilities & Tools
    31. Button Beep
    32. 4 “Eject On Start” modes
    33. Clear Setup
    34. Enhanced vented air circulation design




    2-year limited manufacturer warranty on our duplicators, starts at invoice date. All Sales Final. Prices subject to change without notice. Free parts and labor for 1st year. Free labor 2nd year. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges to/from manufacturer for repair.


    Duplicators also available:  BluRay, Lightscribe, Compact Flash, USB sticks, and SD. Call for details.




    Supplier of SD, Compact Flash, CD, DVD, SATA, Blue-Ray, Lightscribe,
    and USB media, drives, and duplicators.
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    CD-RW, Multi-session Photo CD, CD-I, Video CD, CD-Rom XA & CD Extra (CD Plus)

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