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So, you need a web site? You have come to the right place!

digitalTDS offers a number of design options for web site, from do-it-yourself to complete custom designs tailored to your specific needs.



So, you are a do-it-yourselfer? Do you plan to design and maintain your own web site? Are you just looking for a hosting company that will provide space on their server for your web site?  Then you have come to the right place! 













Not only do we provide website space on the servers, but digitalTDS provides you a a treasure trove of of free web-site applications. Many of these poplular applications provide you the tools to easily create your own web site using built-in functions. 

Some of the above options provide you pre-designed templates, where you click and replace with your pictures or text (check out some our free templates). Others allow you build a web site from scratch with little to no programming or html knowledge. Some require that you have other web design software that you will need to purchase. Most have online documentaton.

We will assist you in choosing the right application based on your knowledge level. If you feel uncomfortable doing it ‘on-your-own,’ then let us design your site for you.






Just because it’s ‘Custom-Designed’ doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Actually, we provide a web package at a very competitive price.

Your participation with us is vital to the successful creation of your web site. 

Web Package starting at $2500.00

The Web Package includes up to 5-10 web pages for your site. These pages might include any one of the following: Home page, About Us, Contact Us, Product Information, Services, Question & Answers, Fees, Resources, Events, Classes & Training, Specials, etc.

We start by creating a custom template for your site. The template provides an over-all feel-and-look consistency to the pages, e.g., intuitive navigation of the site, header information, etc. Once the template is completed, we begin to add your content to the website. 

Content includes pictures (provide high resolution - we can scale them down), text, contact info, your privacy policy, Terms, return policy, documents (PDF), etc.  Spend the time to craft your words carefully in order to best convey your message to your web visitor. Check for spelling and puncuation before submitting it to us.

Include a rough drawing of how you would like your web to look. If you have seen other web sites with layout design or features that you might want to incorporate into your site, provide links to those sites, and let us know what elements of the page or site you like.

Your price includes the embedding of code for search engine optimization (SEO), uploading the new website design to a web server, and submission of the final site to several search engine sites, such as, Google, Yahoo, and more.

Premium Design & Options

You can enhance your web site in a number of ways, e.g. additional pages, shopping cart, photo or Flash slideshows, news feeds, interactive maps, event & calendars, blogs, interactive social sites, video & audio feeds, chat rooms, and more.

Quotes provided based on complexity of the add-on feature and the time it takes to implement.

How to Begin

We can begin building your web site immediately. Call us to discuss your needs and/or set up an appointment.